Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy November

I'm still experimenting with the Found Eclectic blog. I'm trying to find the groove of blogging for a vintage shop. I'm still trying to get in the groove of updating the shop regularly! But I do have a bit of a November treat for you today!
I found this lovely couple this summer and just realized today that I hadn't added them to the shop yet! What perfect timing right?
These awesome pilgrim wall hangings date back to 1960! Now that is some true vintage 1960's Thanksgiving kitsch right there.
And what better background for these guys than my beautiful Japanese Maple, which has just started to turn! Well, your walls of course! These woodsy little wall hangings are available for sale here.

I hope you are enjoying the fall so far! I'm ever so excited about spending our first Christmas in this house. Blessings to all!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Small Giveaway

So I found this A-DOR-A-BLE Gunne Sax by Jessica little girl's dress pattern a couple of weeks ago and was just thrilled! But, when I opened it up to count the pieces, two pieces are missing, the dress front and yoke, (pieces "A" and "I"). I was so disappointed because I just don't feel right listing an incomplete pattern for sale.
However, I still want this pattern to go to someone who really wants it, someone who could draft up the missing pieces themselves, something that's not too difficult to do if you're experienced but not something I'd use as a selling point. Or maybe you have an incomplete copy of this pattern as well that does have the dress front and yoke but is missing other pieces and this one would complete it! Either way, I want this pattern to find a happy home.

So here are the deets, if you want it, leave a comment here. I will mail it to you and you can do what you will with it. First come, first serve.

In the meantime check out some of the newest patterns in the shop:

And more to come. Hope you have a great weekend! Be blessed! (And good luck!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ready for Your Close-Up?

This weekend my husband and I had a wonderful bonding time treasure hunting together. And, oh, the treasures we found. Here's just a taste of some of the wonderful things coming to Found Eclectic:
I'm still experimenting with photographing all this stuff! Most things look beautiful on the tree stump in my yard as long as I take the pictures at the right time of day, other things just kind of blend into the green background, so as with the cameras, I'm experimenting with some indoor shots, although now I'm fighting against lighting. Craft blog had a great entry yesterday about how to photograph items for your blog, and I am currently working on implementing some of those techniques as I have TONS of stuff to photograph to add to my shop.

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful. Be blessed!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Grand Opening

Welcome to the bloggy home of Found Eclectic, the vintage etsy shop of Erin Compton Design. How did this whole shebang get started?

Well it started years ago, during family trips to the thrift store, estate, yard and garage sales. I grew up driving on back country roads in search of treasures amongst piles and tables of items that the previous owners just wanted out of their lives. My skills as a treasure hunter have been honed for years.
I have been toying with the idea of how to share the awesome stuff I find with like minded individuals for about a year and after some prayer and thought, I decided to make the jump and open a shop where I can share all my goodies with you.
I plan on offering housewares, clothing, accessories, patterns, fabric, vintage linens, stationary, and paper goods. Basically anything I would want to add to my own collection, (Only the good stuff!), and at fair prices.
There's already some awesome stuff in my shop. Like these adorable little cups.
Or some awesome vintage wrapping paper. (Which is awesome for more than just wrapping gifts!) I can't wait to share my sneak peeks with you and adventures here at the Found Eclectic Blog.

Be blessed!